Question #2 for Confused

Confused writes: “hey well i have been in a relationship with someone for over 9 months and i just dont know how to tell him that i dont think i love him the way i should.. because i started having feelings for a friend.. but should i just give up on what i have or should i just keep doing this… just so confused…”

Dear Confused,

This is a tough situation for you and I believe whatever choice you end up making will result in some negative emotions for you. You have been in an relationship for almost a year and any change now will be difficult. You have to be honest with the one your with now. You need to tell him/her how you feel right now. This will be very hard for the both of you, but in the end it will be for the best. You need to explain to the one your with that you don’t think that things are meant to be. If you stay in the relationship with the one you are with now and have feelings for your friend it will be difficult if not impossible for your current relationship to grow. Before you make the decision to end the relationship you need to ask yourself if your friend feels the same way towards you. It would be devastating for you to leave the one your with to pursue someone who had no interest in you. I think you should make sure the friend you like, also likes you the same way. Make this known first, and if your friend does indeed like you then you can start a relationship with them. Let the one your with now know why you need to make this change. I believe that honesty is one of the major keys of any relationship working out. Now you might think that you could talk to your friend behind your boyfriend/girlfriends back and no one would no. Well that might work out but if your in high school chances are that someone would start rumors about you and your friend and that would cause more pain for your current boyfriend/girlfriend. Best of luck to you and I hope everything works out for you. You must follow your heart! That is key to finding happiness in this life.


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