Question #5 for Mandyloo

Mandyloo writes: Hey Kyle. So I was seeing this guy, and after a few dates he asked me If I would be his girlfriend. I said yes, but after that, he stopped texting as much and stopped calling. We went to an amusement park together, and the whole time he stayed on his phone and ignored me. I teasingly asked him how many other girlfriends he had, and he answered “just a few,” but then started backpeddling. He keeps saying he wants to see me, but never makes time for me, and everytime we have a date, he blows me off to go hang out with his friends. If I ever ask him about what he thinks of me, he says he likes me a lot and misses me, and if I ever hang out with a guy friend he acts super jealous. To me it sounds like he is just a player, trying to get as many girls as he can. Should I just dump him and move on?

Dear Mandyloo

Honestly to me it sounds like this guy is a total player. However, I could be wrong in my judgment of him. You need to confront him and mention everything that you said to me, to him. Let him know that you do not believe he is being fair to you and that if he can not make time for you in his life then you are going to walk. You deserve someone who will give you their attention and not brush you off so much. Everything that you have written me sounds like you pretty much know that he is playing you. Like I said, if you want it to work then you need to confront him and put it all out there. Who knows, he might not think he is a bad boyfriend and that he is hurting you. I don’t think you should just dump him without having the talk. Being open is very important to a relationship so you need to be open with him. I do not know this guy so I would not know how he will react to you saying to him what you need to say. Also, when you said he gets jealous when you are around other guys, that makes him sound controlling which is not good at all.  You two need to have your talk and then take it from there. To be honest, I think it is time for you to move on because it does not seem like he really cares much about you and he is like you mentioned, being a player. Hopefully I am wrong and the talk you two need to have will show him that he is going to lose you if he does not change his ways. I hope everything turns out good for you in the end. Thanks for stopping by this web page, and feel free to come back if you have other questions.


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  1. hey kyle.. well heres the problem… i have been with my bf for almost a year we have a few lil issues then one major issue his father… he is 20 years old his father wont let him work, wont let him see me, his father hates me and thinks im a gold digger even tho he has no money.. or that im just looking for a baby daddy which if that was the case i would have just stayed with the father… i have tried to make peace with his father to the point i have cooked for him… i told my bf to move out and i would find somewhere for him to go but he is worried his family would disown him i hate this situation but nothing is getting better all it is getting worse and honestly i dont know what to do can u help…

    • I have posted a response on by blog. Feel free to check it out and thanks for stopping by!

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