To ask for advice.. and Stand Up 2 Cancer!

To ask a question leave a comment, or EMAIL me at


BTW if you want a female perspective please visit my friend Janna’s advice page!

Go to the page below!

I hope my advice helps you out! I will never give advice that I myself would not take if I were in the situation in which you face. In the end, you really need to make the decision yourself. I do my best to give you advice to help you in the situations that you face but you need to weigh the pros and cons of the choice you have to make. I hope to be able to help everyone out and would appreciate feedback from those who I have given advice to. If you do not take my advice in the end, it will not hurt me as I expect everyone to make decisions to the best of their judgment.


To the right of the web page you will see a link to Stand Up 2 Cancer… I encourage everyone to help out with the cause because I believe that if we unite we can defeat cancer. Click the box to your right! I have done it and they do not ask for money but even still it would be nice to donate. Simply click the box and you get to do a few things and that helps their cause get funded. Well worth it, so my advice, do it and help fight cancer.

Happy Holidays and God Bless
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