Question #1 for Sassy

Sassy writes: “Ok. so this guy that graduated a year before me says hes always had a crush on me and wants to take me out….I’m kinda iffy cause I’ve had bad luck in the past and I’m sick of being used. He’s sweet and all…but tends to talk about being horny alot, u think he’s just wanting sex or truly wants to date me? Btw, it’s me, Sassy! lol”


Dear Sassy,

If you feel safe around this guy and do not think he would actually hurt you, then I say you should give him one date and take it from there. However, if there is any thought in your head that he may actually hurt you physically or emotionally then I believe you should stay away from him. The past is the past and you should never allow the past to keep you from doing something in the present. You may have been hurt in the past but if you stick to that then you will never allow someone the chance to come into your life and change things for the better. Like I said before, you must first ask yourself if you believe you would be putting yourself into any danger at all. If so, then do not go on a date with the guy. However, if you think you are safe and that he would not harm you then I believe you should give the guy a chance. It is only one date and is not a lifetime commitment. Who knows, you may go on a date with this guy and he may be a total sweetheart! Now you say that he talks about being horny alot. Most men do not discuss that with women. Maybe this guy is just very open? He might want sex from you and if you get that vibe during your first date, ditch him. It is just one date, so if you feel safe around him, go for it! I hope this helps you Sassy! If you have any other questions for me, feel free to ask.


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